Monday, June 11, 2012

Look Out Summer... Here We Come

I have been busy busy BUSY!!!  Painting and painting and painting trying to get ready for the next run of shows that I will be headed to. So here is what is going on in the loopty loo of all things Kathleen.... I have to tell you about the two shows that I have done...the summer road trip... the plans for the rest of my summer... the show schedule... and post pics of the mass chaos that I seem to bring with me to every stop along the way.  PHEW... I am gonna need another trip at the end of this summer to recover...I am thinking Cabo San Lucas BABY!!!!

First... my son got his drivers license... SCARY!!  I am seriously gonna have to take zanac every time he gets behind the wheel.  He is not too happy that it is a Missouri license and not a beloved Texas license...but that will come in time. 

Okay, so I was on TV three weeks ago and haven't even blogged about it yet... lol.  Ya, I know.  Well, the first TV gig was a two hour spot on the morning show for Channel 5 News.  Most of you  know I have the attention span of a drunk fourth grader... so you will understand that having to be quiet in the studio for two straight hours nearly killed me.  I wanted to run hot laps around the entire building between commercials because we could NOT make ANY NOISE at ALL...  But being on TV was fun. I now want my own show...teeeheee. 

HAAA!!!   I am painting on TV!!  Seriouly GOT to get my own show...
Being on TV is really a trip!!

The lovely Kelly Jones interviewing me.

This is the studio for the Channel 5 News Room

Soooooo... after my first TV apperance that started at FOUR AM... I was off to my first real art show in the Power and Light district of Kansas City.  We had to set up the booth and get ready .  I had noooo idea what to expect but it went REALLY WELL for me there.  I will do that show every year that I can. 

This is one side of my booth right before we opened
I just love this wall!!
THen there was the flower wall
   Two words  to describe that weekend A MAZING!!! Well worth the hours put into it to make it all happen!!!

Hope your summer is off to a fantastic start.

Love Kathleen

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