Saturday, June 16, 2012


Summer is in full swing here at the Studio.  Lazy summer days on one hand...CRAZY show schedule on the other.  Just when the classes slooooww waaaaaayyyy doooowwwnn,.....I have taken to the road FINALLY to see the country and to sell my art.  Today I will try to fill at least 6 canvases with scenes of Colorado for my July trip... then I will be off to the pool...well...Kiko may make me weed a row in the community organic garden that we have going first...then I get to be a pool bum.  I can't see the ocean as much as I want to..but Kiko's pool is a great second choice for saving my sanity and keeping my homicide button at bay.   
I LOOOVE the feel of sand in my toes
This is where my soul is at peace.... my beloved Beach!!

This is my absolute favorite pic of my daughter Caitlin. 
 She too can sit for hours and just dig in the sand
I have to finish a wall of canvas today...then to the pool for some more sunshine and tan lines.  Hope you are having a fantastic Father's Day Weekend!!!

Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen

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