Monday, June 18, 2012


Yup. I know... It's NOT EVEN OFFICIALLY SUMMER YET...and I am painting fall trees.....BEAUTIFUL fall trees.  Here is what I have been working on the last few days.  My pace is horribly behind, but I think I can catch up. 
This painting was a COMPLETE PAIN IN THE SAAACK!!!!  OMG...took me 7 hours to get to this  WAAAAY tooooo much time.  I kept looking and looking... thinking something is just NOT right... then I go look at the others I had painted...oh ya.. leaves too big.  So I scrape them off...POUNDS of paint.. and paint little leaves...ahhhh....hmmmm...NOPE ..still not right.  Because I made the leaves so small... I then had to go back in there and add a ton more sky to make it all even...thought I was gonna have to shoot the painting and put it out of its misery...but alas, here it is finished and ready for etsy and the show. 

Tons Of Blank Canvas To Fill Still
Love the colors!!

Today I will paint ocean waves because when I am sweating in my bedroom at 7 is way too damn hot to paint crisp fall breezes.  lol.  Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen


  1. When I did my fall tree, I had to redo the leaves too. To get dimension, I had to make the ones closer to the view bigger. And more detailed in my case.'s an OCD thing.


  2. Your viewpoint/angle is curious and when the warm color of aspen leaves meets the cool blue sky it becomes a pop of whimsey, just beautiful. I painted a series of aspen trees last year 4 canvas @ 16x22" spring, fall, winter and summer is still in progress. The series is titled "wood for trees" can be viewed on flickr. I am inspired to finish painting 4 after seeing your work, thanks for sharing