Friday, April 20, 2012

NEW ART NEW ART... oh how I loves me some NEW ART.  It make my soul dance around like a six year old with a box of Twinkies!!!   I did this one yesterday while working on commission pieces as well.  I have a Howard Allen event in May and have put myself on a strict schedule to complete as many as 72 new pieces between now and then... CRAZY RIGHT!!
Can't you just feel the rush of the energy from this point of view?
This canvas is 30" x 30" and is $325.00.  OHHHHHH, you know you want it!!

Off to paint some more... orders to finish...and  there is a dent to be made in my goal of 72 paintings in one month.  Don't forget to do something AMAZING today.  Happy creating!!

Love Kathleen

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Perfect Ending To A Perfect Day...

There is really so much going on behind the scenes here at the Gallery that we have not told you about yet.  We seem to be in a holding pattern waiting to finalize all kinds of plans for the rest of the year.

It is just KILLING me to not shout from he rooftops what is about to happen, but alas, I can not share ANYTHING with  you because I have been sworn to secrecy....for the time being...teehee

I have also started a new diet of sorts... the HCG plan from the New Age Spa here in Excelsior Springs.  I am pleased to report that I have yet to have to kill anyone even though I am only allowed to eat 500 calories per day,...and I have lost 7 lbs and 5.5 inches in less than one week on this plan.  I feel great and can't wait to see my ass morph into what is looked like when I moved here 5 years ago..LOL. 

SOOOO to calm my nerves and to give the biotchs in my head a break, we have started riding horses.   I am doing it with my daughter Caitlin.  Yesterday we made my son Chase go with us.  He did not ride, but he did form a bond with some young colts and take photos of us riding.
Caitlin Trotting... by herself!!
One of the foals that loves Chase and kept biting him while he was taking pics of us riding,
 trying to get him to has marks on his shoulder and knee and arm from this turd...
but he loved every minute of it
Caitlin and I going over obstacles

My Baby Girl!!

 Which brings me to the pic of my perfect ending to yesterday...
This is me on Roany.  My son Chase took this pic of us working together yesterday. 
He is AMAZING with a camera for being 15 years old.  Love that Boy!!

My soul finds much needed peace when we are out at Janet's farm.  I leave my phone and the Gallery in the car and just connect with this horse that has stolen my heart and may actually add back years to my life that stress has taken from me.  I think by the end of the year that I will indeed be adding a horse collection to the mix of it all things hanging on the walls up here.  Hope your soul finds this kind of peace today!!  Happy creating!!

Love Kathleen

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yes, It WAS April Fools Day, and YES JENNIFER, We Were All In The POOL

I like tradition.  It makes me feel rooted in something.  There is a certain  appeal to doing the same thing once per year to kick off a season or to celebrate a milestone.  So I am excited to share with you that this year, my family participated in a Momentous Occasion that will become part of our family tradition for years to least until one of us makes enough money to buy a small island in the Caribbean.

KIKO'S POOL IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!  Yes, we went swimming on April Fools Day... and YES, it was FREAKING COLD!!!  But who was 90 degrees on April FIRST....IN MISSOURI FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.....SOOOOO,  we grilled out,  ate Oreo cookies and drank adult beverages, and let the dogs swim as well.  PERFECTION!!!!

The water temp was 69 degrees and Chase was the first one in, hat and all... teehee
He hates the cold more than anything, but jumped right
Then Caitlin , Then Morgan....
Then Nancy, and Sunny and Fergie,
Caitlin is in Heaven!!!  Loves her some water!!
We Had an Angel With Us...teeehee
Can you tell it is cold....look at their arms... LOL
They were looking at the Angel I pointed out to them in the sky

YES, it was cold, but worth every goose bump we got!!!

So you see Jennifer, the pool is really officially open,.,...teeehee... come play with us!!!!!

Love Kathleen

So I Took Another Break.....To Just Paint

Yup, I did it... I took another minor break from the bloggy blog... HOLY COW we have been CRAZY BUSY up here at the Gallery lately.  I actually took some much needed time off for the Easter break and just painted.  Painted like a normal artist... you know, one who paints only what she wants, doesnt care if it sells or not, all for the pure joy of creating......awwwwwwww. 

My beautiful daughter Caitlin on Easter Morning!!! 

Yup, she was happy!!
It helps me center myself... as if that is really truly possible for me. So do my children.  I also got some MUCH needed time with my daughter over the weekend.  We grabbed tons of junk food, 12 movies that she picked out, and headed to the gallery and spent 48 hours just hanging out together and I painted...with her right there with me... PURE BLISS

Here are a few things I have been working on in the studio...
12x12 "She Always Planted Geraniums"

"Little Miss Sunshine"
10"x10" $75.00

10"x10" "Poppies I"

10"x10" "Hello Sunshine II"

12"x12" "She Always Planted Geraniums II"

6"x6"  "Sweet Summertime"

10"x 10" "Poppies II"
That is all for now....It puts me in the mood for hot days, cool waters, and cold adult beverages!!!  I am headed back to the studio !!!  Happy Creating Lovies!!!

Love Kathleen