Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yes, It WAS April Fools Day, and YES JENNIFER, We Were All In The POOL

I like tradition.  It makes me feel rooted in something.  There is a certain  appeal to doing the same thing once per year to kick off a season or to celebrate a milestone.  So I am excited to share with you that this year, my family participated in a Momentous Occasion that will become part of our family tradition for years to least until one of us makes enough money to buy a small island in the Caribbean.

KIKO'S POOL IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!  Yes, we went swimming on April Fools Day... and YES, it was FREAKING COLD!!!  But who was 90 degrees on April FIRST....IN MISSOURI FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.....SOOOOO,  we grilled out,  ate Oreo cookies and drank adult beverages, and let the dogs swim as well.  PERFECTION!!!!

The water temp was 69 degrees and Chase was the first one in, hat and all... teehee
He hates the cold more than anything, but jumped right
Then Caitlin , Then Morgan....
Then Nancy, and Sunny and Fergie,
Caitlin is in Heaven!!!  Loves her some water!!
We Had an Angel With Us...teeehee
Can you tell it is cold....look at their arms... LOL
They were looking at the Angel I pointed out to them in the sky

YES, it was cold, but worth every goose bump we got!!!

So you see Jennifer, the pool is really officially open,.,...teeehee... come play with us!!!!!

Love Kathleen


  1. Yep, I'd Say For Sure That Was An Angel Above Y'all! I Always Knew You Had Them Sweet Kathleen! LoveU,Terri