Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Okay, I am SOOOOO EXCITED to FINALLY get to tell you this.....WE ARE CLOSING THE GALLERY!!!!  WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!   Runs in circles doing high kicks.  OMG.. I have been keeping the secret for a loooong time now and it was freakin killing me.    NOOOO we are NOT going out of business.  Just the opposite actually.  We have become fully mobile and no longer need the building.  It is rather exciting really. WE are also preparing a new location for smaller functions that we will let you in on as it develops.  We will still have kids classes and summer camp, just at a different location.  WE will still have monthly painting classes, just at a different location.   We will still be painting  at Pirtle Winery, Baltimore Bend Winery, Conrad's in Liberty as well as a few other wineries and restaurants  that we let you know more about later.  We will still do Birthday Parties, and Private Parties and TEAM BUILDING...We are just able to come to you instead of you trying to get everyone to come to us.  It is PERFECTION!!!  
Here is a PEEKIE of the new ART CAVE....this is just a section of it.  We are still trying to pic colors and flooring...and I think I want to paint the fireplace....teeeheee.  More stuff to move in today and more work to get done but the space is cozy and finally feels like  a perfect fit.  I am super excited to get to share this with everyone. 

That being said, we have a crap load TON of stuff to sell at the Gallery.  Furniture, Warming   Dishes, Chocolate Fountain, Roaster Pans, Chargers, Party Supplies, Large Hutches, Glasses, Decorations, displays, shelves, the bar, Christmas Decorations, Halloween Decorations, Vases, Flowers, OVER 200 HUNDRED more paintings,  mirrors, Cash Register, Cash Wrap Counter, Office Supplies,  we might even sell the wine  you name it, we are selling it because I only need the things for the paint parties now. 

You will have a VERY SMALL window of opportunity to come in and buy what you want.  I be OPEN FRIDAY APRIL 5th NIGHT 5-10 PM.  This will also be  the last adult class held at the current location.  We are painting the Swirly Tree
Friday April 5th 7:00-10:00

I will also be open Saturday April 6th 10 AM-3PM.  Stay tuned for more info about the new location and the new traveling gigs.    For now, I have to paint....walls and canvas... lol
Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen