Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dion Dior Part TWO!!

Okay, so we painted and painted,......as for my painting that day...

well....new paint...completely different style...
not to mention the Laws Of Physics showed up to smack me around....LOL.....
. and I pretty much felt like a drunk monkey on a football for the first few hours...lol

 my Daughter Caitlin however was a different story....this paint and this style provided her with such creative freedom that she was able to move from one project to the next , seeming effortlessly, with her heart leading the way. The journey she found herself on gave her some much needed confidence in her ability to create without extreme stress...and without condemning herself for what she had done...
We sat right next to each other and had no idea what we had done until the next day. Did I mention that my daughter is 11? Ya.... 11......in this adult class...and she flowed through it with such ease that I didn't hear a peep out of her, lost track of time, and everything around us, and just ran with it.

Caitlin and Megan were fast friends

Then it was time to have a meal together...WHOOHOOO!!!   The tables were gorgeous and had a paint goody bag at each place setting.  The food was to die for from Willow Springs Mercantile.  W also had some PRIZE DRAWINGS that took place and here are a few of the very happy winners!!!

More great great gifts, then lunch ....then right back at it to finish up projects..

Show and Tell!!!  Shimmer Style!!!
It was such a beautiful experience that I can not wait to join her again in the next workshop.  .......WHAT....WHO said that.... did I say NEXT.....OH YES I SURE DID... except the next one will be better... TWO DAYS!!! regular sitting chairs for everyone... overnight stay included in your class tuition if you need it... freedom to check out the shops downtown and to eat at the restaurants down here... shuttle service if you need it from the airport and LOTS MORE!!!  Stay tuned because we have some things up our sleeves....
Okay, I seriously have GOT to get off of this damn computer and go paint something!!!
Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

Dion Dior was in the House!!!! PART ONE!!!

Okay, so here is the thing... I am once again BEhind on this bloggy thingy,  WHO can honestly say they are surprised by this....ummm no one who reads this blog.  I am gonna start from today and work my way backwards to fill you in on the yummy things that have been going on here at the gallery.

We have started sticking our toes in the  "Day Long Workshop" arena....super exciting.  We want to have full blown retreats up here within the next year or two... so one by one, we are filling our schedule with different instructors who offer different ways to feed our artistic souls.  Speaking of feeding my artistic soul.....

We Hosted a Doin Dior Workshop up here this weekend and it proved to be a five course meal to my art
artistic soul... YUMMMMY YUMMMMY YUMMMY 

The event was several days in the making and was filled with  behind the scenes CHAOS!!!  But MAN did it pay off big time.... the gallery was gorgeous...enchanted almost..... with glitter in all forms covering EVERYTHING......AND.....it turned out to be  the biggest workshop we have EVER HAD!!  Thirty Artists from FIVE DIFFERENT STATES came to play.........HERE.....at The Gallery Off Broadway.....in Excelsior Springs MO....TEEEHEEE.... it was pure BLISS!!!!!!!!!  
Glitter on the Tables.....

 Glitter on the Floor.....

Glitter on the Paintbrush....Glitter GA LORE!!

We even added her work to the name badges!!
This is only PART of the supplies that this woman packed into this place for us to get to use and experiment with... It was so much fun to just walk up to a table and pick something new to play with...teeehee...like being turned loose in your favorite art supply store on a sugar high and endless supply of cash.
Dion's work brightened our windows and our walls.

So everyone came in got to know each other and then it was time to PAINT!!  and ohhh did we paint!!

There are sooo many possibilities and color combos to use

And everyone got to use their creative abilities to search for some common ground with the new paint
I would say that Marcia FOUND common ground with the paint and the process


 Okay, that is alllll the photos I can load on this one...LOL.. soooo I will have to do this blog in two parts.
Be right back for part two...

Happy Creating!!!

Love Kathleen


Sunday, October 21, 2012


So we finally got here...UNREAL REALLY!!!   They let us off the plane right in the path of other planes pulling up.  WE were hearded like CATTLE to a line with hundreds of others waiting to get through customs. Which took 1.5 hours... I almost went to jail right out of the gate when I took pics of the damn airport... LMAO... NOT KIDDING AT ALL!!!   Apparently ....taking photos of the airport...is FROWNED UPON IN THIS ESTABLASHMENT!!!

We are on the second floor of the resort and we have a pool and verenda right outside our patio door with a view of the marina. 

Happy Creating!!!
Love Kathleen

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, It's Official

  Now, for those of you who know me... YOU KNOW.. I DO ...NOT...CRY.  This whole week has crazy and emotional to say the least.  I am also not very philosophical and deep about the things that I do.  I don't put much weight in the stride for success because success is measured differently by the individual.  Success is personal... and sometimes is better kept private as to not offend. 

But this is too crazy to not share... I JUST SCORED THE COVER OF MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE!!!!  I cried when I got this text.  I am not sure why, but for one second I got to relax and just look at it.  The cover....of an international magazine.... have I arrived?
I really dont' know.  But I intend to find out this week as I find what is waiting for me in Cabo San Lucas....WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!
I am also gonna be on TV again tomorrow morning and the best part is my babies will be on TV with me. Better Kansas City channel 5 with Kelly Jones.  Caitlin is gonna paint on TV and Chase is gonna ty flies and I am gonna be intervied about the gallery and the art career and all of that. 

I now have to go prepair for the interview and make sure that the final packing for cabo is done.....WHAT A CRAZY LIFE!!!!
Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!    Kelly Jones From the Better Kansas City Morning Show and her crew paid us a visit yesterday afternoon to see what all the buzz was about for herself.... Two words.... CRA     ZYYYYYY.....
Kelly Jones was ROCKIN a Red Calvin Klein Dress

So they got there early and we were ACTUALLY almost ready....The class flowed like the wine.... It was unscripted, and comfortable....it elt like home.  Each gal settled right in to the fast pace of the class and we sat Kelly right up at the front so I could drill instruct her...LOL... She laughed and laughed her way right  through  and ended up painting a really nice one at the end of the class.....

Kelly's First Painting EVER!!!

The show will air on Channel 5 on Friday Oct 19th and begins at 9:00AM.  I will also be in the studio on Kelly's turf again doing some live footage. 
Then after we survived the taping, we went to El Mags for a round of Margaritas!!!   Then we had to go get our toes done and then had to go back for another round of Margaritas at El Mags.... imagine the looks on their faces when they saw us again just two hours later.... needless to say Kiko had to drive me home...LOL.  Jamie my Nazi workout instructor and nutrtionist is worried that we will repeat the above described day ten days in a row in CABO!!!   I lied and told her we wouldn't...LMAO!!!   OF COURSE WE ARE!!!

I have paintings to finish up, and things to do around here.  Hope to post some new art tonight or tomorrow night.  Til then.........
Love Kathleen

Sunday, October 14, 2012


The most AMAZING feeling.... 
 to just stand here and think all this started less than one year ago....
.and it truly wasn't even a dream until someone said... why don't you do art shows....
.and paint some Marlin.......

It is truly like looking at my first born...complete amazement at the detail in the prints is mind blowing to me.  My very first run of my very first Limited Edition Giclee Prints EVER IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!  
 It is better than milk duds in popcorn...better than loosing ten pounds....better than tequila...WHOOOOA... got WAY TOOOO EXCITED There and MUST retract my last better than statement because not much of anything is better than Tequila except FISHING offshore.......Sorry, I lost myself in it all,,.. LOOOOK AT IT LOOOOK AT IT>>>>HOLY SHITBALLS LOOOOOOOOOOOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!   I REally did it>....i AM DONG high kicks as i type this!!!!  

 Terry and Cheryl have way exceeded my expectations with customer services and quality and turn around time.  Hats Off to them at Quality Images in Kansas for helping to make the photos above a reality.

LOL!!!   We still have to buff the floors tomorrow night I guess to be ready for the TV Crew to come film here Tuesday.  The class is full, but if you are DYING to paint, then call me.  Everyone knows I AM EASY!!

So , two TV gigs THIS WEEK and Saturday I LEAVE FOR CABO SAN LUCAS...IT IS HERE... I HAVE GOOSE PUMPS!!!!  The art has already arrived in Cabo and is waiting for me to get there... Chapter 937 will be written in a warmer climate, surrounded by water, and TEQUILA!!!  AMEN to that. 

I have to go fiish a painting so I can go home. 
Happy Creating!!!
Love Kathleen

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yes, it is finally DONE...well the part I wanted done anyway... What could I POSSIBLY be talking about?  What have I complained about for the last year and  a HALF?  (besides my growing ass)  THE WEBSITE THE WEBSITE THE WEBSITE!!!!!  WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
Gallery Off Broadway

CHECK IT OUT PEEPS!!!   The calendar will be modified a bit more so that you can see the pics right when it opens, but MA O MAN... I am so stinkin excited that it is FINALLY HERE!!

YOU CAN NOW REGISTER AND PAY ON LINE!!!  You can also buy art online.  You can create your own account, and put the class in the shopping cart and pay right there!!!!

Show us some love and go sign up for a class this month....HURRRRRY... DO IT NOW.... I want to see the email comfirmations coming through...TEEEHEEE!!!

YOU ARE A CREATIVE GENIUS!!!!!  Everyone say thank you to Rae for putting this whole thingy together..and for understanding that I am a computer moron and had NO IDEA what she was talking about the entire time, but LOOK AT IT!!!  JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

Okay,  I have to go work out and then go to the studio and finish three paintings before I can sleep tonight..  I have more news that will be confirmed today that we will certainly blog about.

Monday, October 1, 2012


OHHH I am so excited.  There is  SO MUCH TO TELL YOU.  I have been DYING to spread the news but wanted to wait to know FOR SURE that it was all going to happen.  GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUEEESSSS WHAAAAAATTTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I have been asked to do ANOTHER TV SHOW!!!!!~   BETTER KANSAS CITY!!!!!!   and it is a TWO PART... October 16th, the crew is COMING TO THE GALLERY OFF BROADWAY to film a CLASS!!!! We will have a class at 12:30 in the afternoon on the 16th and it will be FREE!!!!! Then October 19th, I will go to their studio and do a live show with the lovely and talented Kelly Jones and teach her how to paint ON FREAKING TV!!!!!  I AM GOING TO TEACH ON TV!!!!  Bob Ross would be so proud!!!!
It is true that he taught me how to paint... LOVED HIM!!!

Also,  I signed a licensing agreement on the Marlin painting last week.  T SHIRT HEAVEN BABY!!!!   ......as if that was not enough, the same  painting has been sent to the printer and this week I will pick up my very first ever run of LIMITED EDITION GICLEE PRINTS~!
!!!!   We are only releasing 30 of them so it is truly LIMITED EDITION.  They will come with a certificate of authenticity and will be signed and numbered by ME!!!
"Do It Til You're Black & Blue"
40" x 40"

This photo from visualphotos.com
Then we will ship the original to Cabo San Lucas and I will go meet up with it on the 20th of this month to attend the tournament, sell some art, autograph some tshirts, drink some TEQUILA  and MAYBE CATCH A MARLIN!!!

Then NOVEMBER 9th is the launch party for KRIS KRINGLE!!!  Party starts at 5:00 and runs til 10:00.  We have hired a blues band from Kansas City and Baltimore bend Winery will be here to sell the wine.  I will be signing labels and selling prints of the entire series and of course we will be having a painting class that night because that is how we roll!!!

I will tell you about the shows from September that I did later... one was amazing, one was horrible and the event promoters were big fat liar liars pants on FIRES!!!!!

Anyway, we also have a Barbara Akers Workshop at the Gallery on October 13th.  You are going to get to create something beautiful to take home with you. 

Okay, that is all for now I think.... I have to do the newsletter and so other poopy computer stuff, then off to dreamy land for me!!!! 
Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WHEW... It has been CRAZY around HERE!!!

Before I get started, check out the calendar tab and the workshop tabs... we are posting new events all the time there... GO... NOW... LOOK AT IT... you don't want to miss what we have going on in here because you will feel silly later when we are making fun of you and stuff like that.

Well, CLEARLY I am not cut out to be a  daily blogger.  So i have decided to own that... I am gonna paint nearly everyday.. but there is no way in hell that I am ever gonna be the artist that sits down and tells you everything on this bloggy blog every day of my life.  It is not gonna happen.  Not that I dont love all of you in bloggy blog land of rainbow farting unicorns, I just can not make myself do it.  There, I admitted it.  whew.. I feel better now.  lol

Now on to other things...SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS... OMG I LOVE doing shows.  I love the chaos that gets all tangled around it, I love the travel and I love meeting the people who collect my art.  It makes my soul sooooo happy. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Westport was AAAAAA MAZING!!!  I will keep that show on my calendar til I no longer live here.  Being around the patrons who have done the show for 25 years was a blessing beyond measure...the wisdom and the stories from breakfast alone was worth the trip down there and the booth fee.  It was also the most artist friendly show I have done.  We set up in the pouring rain, Melinda and I... and it was CRAZY.  we had only a corner of a tent...that I normally have the entire tent to myself..I shared a tent with 3 other artists...so a corner...smaller than a tiny bathroom.  There we were, like drown rats putting the tarp up and stuffing that tiny space with all my gear and ourselves and trying to stage it, without getting the boxes wet and the art wet, and our arses wet... but it was so much fun.  I truly believe that Melinda and I can work together under any circumstances now.

So Friday night of the show was the typical.  No sales, just  lookie loooos..folks out for the evening at Westport that just happened to have an art show going on in the middle of their eating and drinking.  Saturday, however, was a different story.  We got hammered.  I was all stressed out that I didn't have enough room for all of my art and as it turns out, it is much better to have less and then restock if needed.  I will stop filling my booth to the gills from now on and only have a limited amount to look at.

So two thumbs up for the Westport Art Show.  Moving on now
Cancer Kickers Fundraiser is October 5th,,, you don't want to miss that. 
Barbara Akers us having a wood burning workshop Oct 13th... YOU REALLY don't want to miss THAT!!!
Liberty Fall Festival is this weekend,. I will be there with bells on. Booth number 13 I think.
www.galleryoffbroadway.com will officially be open in 48 hours or less.  I think you will be surprised.
One more little thingy.... what was it... hmmmm... oh ya
CABO SAN LUCAS BABY!!!  I AM GOING TO CABO SAN LUCAS!!! OCTOBER 20... can you freakin believe it is time to go?!?!?!   I am so excited I can hardly stand myself... anyway.. I have to go paint.  You should get off the satan box (AKA computer)and go do something creative as well...
Love Kathleen

Thursday, August 30, 2012

September Calendar

WHOOOHOOO.... here is the calendar.... we will be adding more to it shortly, but here it is anyway.

Also, we are super excited to announce that we have added a Restaurant Tour to the mix of our traveling circus.... starting with Ventana right here in Excelsior Springs....the second Wednesday  of each month.  You will be served appetizer, full course, one free adult beverage, and dessert as well as get to paint something amazing with yours truly!!!! 
We will have the Young Picasso's calendar done in a few days... Classes will start the second Monday in September...AND we have added Saturday mornings to their schedule as well!!!
PLUS... CHECK OUT THE WORKSHOP TAB!!!   We have  added some dates and some instructors... and have a few more up our sleeve so keep checking back!!!
I have three shows and too many blank canvases so it is off to paint for me.
Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

Thursday, August 23, 2012


ANYWAY....Soooooo as some of you may know I have created some characters for the Baltimore Bend Winery Christmas Wine Lables " Kris Kringle".  This will be my third year doing it with no end in sight.  To catch you up, year one Kris was calm and cute and full of his usual Christmas cheer and VERY politically correct....by my standards anyway....YES I KNOW I HAVE LOW STANDARDS.....but I try to use my "what would Keith Do" button in times of dire need.

Kris Kringle Year 2010

Kris Kringle 2011
ANYWAY, Kris was lonely and so year two I gave him a counterpart if you will.... and let me tell you... not only is his wardrobe quite stylish, but that reindeer LIKES HIS WINE!!! These guys are a perfect besties, like me and Kiko.  Kris is all calm and organized, and the Reindeer is well.... NOT...guess which character represents me the best..LOL
Well there is no peeking  this year but I will tell you that  the characters have been up to their usual carrying on and as a result, Kris MAYBE  has had a weeeeeee bit to much to drink during the "finally got all the presents delivered to all the little darlins party"   but  he is NOT driving.  I will also tell you that due to a sluggish economy and gas prices, the Kris Kringle LLC made an executive decision with regards to the mode of transportation in which said presents get delivered. 
The new label goes to print next week I believe and just for fun, this year we are NOT GIVING YOU A PREVIEW!!. BUUUUT.... to lesson the blow of that news...... we will let you  know that we are having a LAUNCH PARTY at the Gallery Off Broadway. .... ART CRAWL NIGHT ......SECOND FRIDAY..... NOVEMBER 9th....FROM 5:00 TIL WE ARE DONE!!!!!  Baltimore Bend Winery will be attending to SAMPLE AND SELL the first bottles of KRIS KRINGLE to the public. I will be signing bottles, AND AND AAAANNNNNDD.....this year we will also have limited edition prints of the past two years and cards and some other things like T SHIRTS!!!" I GOT MY HOLIDAY ON AT THE GALLERY OFF BROADWAY!!!"  and a "NAME THAT REINDEER CONTEST"  WHOOOHOO!!!
I have to go paint again...my usual right...teehee.
Happy Creating!!!
Love Kathleen