Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day Four

Well.... I needed to complete five paintings last night... got two large ones done... I am either tired and running out of creative steam, OR I am getting slower and dumber.....I am really not sure which is correct at this point, but I am sure one of you will tell me the truth.   

Howard Alen called today to say they are watching to see how much I sell this weekend.  AHHHHH... how sweet is that really.  I too, am anxious to see what happens this weekend.  I am ready to get out of town.  I have the Chariot parked right outside the door and need to paint three more 12 x 12s to feel like I have done as much as I can to make this successful.  HOLY COW IT IS TIME TO GO ...and I stilllll have paintings to do to fill my booth.  TYPICAL really.

Here are the two I did last night... WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!
This one is not quite done... will add some final touches to it today
24" x 48"

Just started doing landscapes with the palette knife...
18"x 36"
Okay, it is time to buckle down... well,... THAT was actually supposed to take place a few weeks ago and never really did..LOL... anyway... it is time to eat CHINESE with Deb and THEN paint a few more paintings to take with me.  I feel free today.  FREE...which makes me successful.  I don't do this for the money and I  sure a s hell don't do this to get famous.....I do this for the freedom...and today, I feel free. 



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day Three

Yup DYING HERE!!!   I have to make this short and sweet because I have to be done painting by midnight tonight so that everything is dry to travel.  WOW... this is the biggest show of my career and I have nooooooo idea what I am getting myself into.  Here are the things I know to be true.

ONE:  This show is costing more than any other, but I am supposed to have at least one radio appearance...TV is still uncertain at this point.

TWO:  I have painted my ever loving, and new P90X ass OFFFF for the last several weeks. 

THREE:  and this may be the most important part of this whole blog.......... IF....and I mean IF, this show bombs, I will have to ride alllllll the way back from Colorado WITH Kevin bitching at me telling me he told me this was allllll a bad idea.... and I will have no logical place to hide his body after we get out of the mountains due the the terrain being soooooo... well... Kansas like and SHITTY.  So I won't  have ANY opportunity to kill him and put him out of MY misery AND my BESTIE... AKA.." Help Me Hide The Body" Kiko will NOT be along for this trip.

This is where I have to say that it looks like we are one box load of shit away
 from being on an episode of HOARDERS

But, my panels are now perfect and adjustable and ready to travel!

Art all has to have one final coat of varnish.

Even the guts of the Gallery are not safe from my ever encroaching,
spreading out MESS.

 Do you understand the agony I am already in here people?  Then to really add to my pain and suffering, my studio is a train wreck of epic...and I mean EPIC PROPORTIONS.  We have shit EVERYWHERE while we are getting ready to pack this three ring circus. 

30" x 30"
Fall Breezes

Okay, the clock is officially ticking and I have to get my booty in gear.  Wish me luck!!

Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Two

Luke, 3.5 years old, and Melinda...God Bless Her Heart...she got the job of changing poopy diapers..

Okay, Day two of this challenge.  I can't even tell you how much fun we had last week with those kids.  The creativity of the younger ones is cause for revival of ones soul.  Seriously, it is so pure and innocent.  I just wanted to eat them up.  It is apparent that we try to squish them into being little soldiers in school and making them all be the same for the sake of political correctness and ease of dealing with them.  Melinda, Lucas and I spent every hour of the day trying to remove as much of that as we could and just let them be free to roam, free to eat, free to play, free to speak, and free to create whatever they could think of.  We also can not forget Beth.  She is Luke and Katie's mom.  She stayed and helped out all week.  Was WONDERFUL to get to know her.  Well, here are some pics of what we did on day two of the camp. 

Zac and Anna Beth

Addison and Kellsie

Aspen,... days away.  display dialed in and perfect,... CHECK.  Van labeled...UMMM NOOOOOO.  That is what we will be doing today for sure!!!  
Orange Blossom Special
24" x 36"
Aspen Summer
12" x 24"

Keep cool today... Lord knows it will be another day of record cases of swamp ass!!!

Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day One

Well, if the title doesn't give it away, I will.  We have been busy as usual here at the gallery.  Melinda and I had a weeks worth of Summer Camp with kids ages 3.5 - 14 last week.  I have tons of pics to post on here in the next few days as I can.  We also got visited by The Best Of Missouri Hands Group who invited and then insisted that Melinda and I join in their fun.  Flattering really.  They came to visit during the camp...LOL... kids EVERYWHERE... ART even more EVERYWHERE....and they still asked us to join.
Here is half of them painting on Day one.  We were just getting warmed up
We hired Lucas to help us teach.  My My My...

AJ getting here painting underway
Tanner, he was so much fun this week.  Glad that he will
coming to Young Picasso's classes this fall and winter
I have also been invited to apply to anther group that is all about painting daily.  They are a huuuuge blogging group that sells tons of art.  They want to know about my art travels and my art shows etc and they want me to blog daily and paint daily and post it with them.  I have agreed to give it a shot.....I KNOW YOU ARE ROLLING YOUR EYES....LOL..  MEEEE.   blog DAILY... and not be foul.... hmmmm.... may take some practice.... hints the title of the this post.  I will name each one from here on out accordingly to keep track that I really am doing it and it will have less to do with entertaining you fellow artists, and all to do with producing new art each and every day.  I am up to the challenge and hope it works in my favor.

Our booth at the Missouri wine Festival.

Kelly Harvey and her clan buying wine.
Dr. Carla decided to take this one home with her. 
I love my collectors.  TEEHEEE!!

Our beautiful Elms Lawn. 
 It truly is the perfect setting for the Wine Festival

The Wine Festival was Saturday.....two words... FUUUUU   UUUUUNNNNN!!!!   OMGOODNESS did we drink some wine.  I also picked up two more wineries to paint at this fall and winter and sold art to some beautiful people.  We had a ball and I am pretty sure Kiko bought 4 or five cases of wine that will put us ahead of the game come Sept 1st when the full schedule of the gallery picks up and takes off again. 

I LOVE this painting
Ahhhhh and then there is Aspen. The clock is ticking... and I am not finished with the series as of yet.  APPARENTLY... our MOTTO here is WHY DO NOW what you can put off until the LAST FREAKIN MINUTE!!!!  LOL  I don't have any of these tagged, or named.  I was thinking it would be easier to call every painting from here on out... "Name It Your Damn Self I"  , " Name It Your Damn Self II", Name It Your Damn Self III"  but my marketing rep that has been hired to take us to the next level, the lovely and talented Jen says NO.  She says NO about a lot of swearing for one on here... so if you are bored with the new format of the blog, I will give you her email addy and you can complain to her about the K.R. vanilla style LMAO!!! 

 I seriously have 72 hours to do 5 paintings, and one of them is a MARLIN .   I am pissing blood with nerves over this one really.  I don't feel ready for it, although I think I always do this.  My honey and I leave Thursday at 4 am and will make our way to beautiful Colorado.  I hope I get at least one day to drink it alllll in.  I have been told it is absolutely beautiful this time of the year.  I have been paintings almost every day to get ready for this trip.  Hoping to sell out, but then aren't we all. 

Ya, this wall is NOT DONE!!
This one IS done!! 

I have ONE PAINTING to do this afternoon and then I am going home to take a nappy until 6 am tomorrow morning..... Take a break yourself today.  I has been a long HOT CRAZY WEEK!!!



Monday, July 9, 2012

What The HELL?

So I get on my blog to post the new calendar.... and has only been a month since I posted the calendar.....but ...wellll..... Where the HELL IS THE FREAKING PAGE?

HOW does one  LOOOSE a page on your blog when you are not even smart enough to figure out HOW IT GOT THERE in the first place?

Yes, it is true, my calendar page has apparently had enough of my shit and has run off.  SSLLLUUUUTTTT!!! here is my love letter to my blogSEE BELOW.
I Often whisper such sweet nothings to my computer... because I hate it. LOL
Those of you who know me, KNOW that I hate this damn blog.  Not that I hate talking to you and telling you all the chaos that goes on up here.  I hate what I dont understand, what I dont want to learn,  I hate the actual hours of putting it all together.  If I had a pool boy who followed me around all day and recorded all the funny shit that goes on and then put it on here, my life would be so much easier. 

That being said... where  did my calendar page go?  ANYONE?  and how in the hell do I get said missing calendar page BACK?     I don't even know how long it has been missing...(neglect is such a funnny thing right)    YeS, I said I DONT KNOW how LONG IT HAS BEEN MISSING.  I have the attention span of a drunk fourth grader so this should not shock anyone. 

 I also do not know WHY it is missing,but I intend to hunt it down like the dog it is  and drag it back by the hair... kicking and screaming of course.... and possibly swearing a bit...ooooooh ...and there will be tequila... LOTS of tequila... cause nothing helps you say " I am sorry I called you a worhtless whore"  like half a bottle of Tequila.  Or is it that you turn INTO a whore after half a bottle of Tequilla?   

ANYWAY,  I will attempt to put it back together for you as soon as I can.  We have so much going on up here now that it is not even believable.  There is also much to tell you....teeeehheeee... new and EXCITING NEWS....but I am waiting until I find my lost page.  I am certain that it is lodged in my ass along with my head and everything else I have lost lately...

Until then, I am posting the new calendar on  this page right here... have fun with that... right.  :)
Somebody pour me a drink, it is going to be a looooooooong night!! 

Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen