Monday, July 9, 2012

What The HELL?

So I get on my blog to post the new calendar.... and has only been a month since I posted the calendar.....but ...wellll..... Where the HELL IS THE FREAKING PAGE?

HOW does one  LOOOSE a page on your blog when you are not even smart enough to figure out HOW IT GOT THERE in the first place?

Yes, it is true, my calendar page has apparently had enough of my shit and has run off.  SSLLLUUUUTTTT!!! here is my love letter to my blogSEE BELOW.
I Often whisper such sweet nothings to my computer... because I hate it. LOL
Those of you who know me, KNOW that I hate this damn blog.  Not that I hate talking to you and telling you all the chaos that goes on up here.  I hate what I dont understand, what I dont want to learn,  I hate the actual hours of putting it all together.  If I had a pool boy who followed me around all day and recorded all the funny shit that goes on and then put it on here, my life would be so much easier. 

That being said... where  did my calendar page go?  ANYONE?  and how in the hell do I get said missing calendar page BACK?     I don't even know how long it has been missing...(neglect is such a funnny thing right)    YeS, I said I DONT KNOW how LONG IT HAS BEEN MISSING.  I have the attention span of a drunk fourth grader so this should not shock anyone. 

 I also do not know WHY it is missing,but I intend to hunt it down like the dog it is  and drag it back by the hair... kicking and screaming of course.... and possibly swearing a bit...ooooooh ...and there will be tequila... LOTS of tequila... cause nothing helps you say " I am sorry I called you a worhtless whore"  like half a bottle of Tequila.  Or is it that you turn INTO a whore after half a bottle of Tequilla?   

ANYWAY,  I will attempt to put it back together for you as soon as I can.  We have so much going on up here now that it is not even believable.  There is also much to tell you....teeeehheeee... new and EXCITING NEWS....but I am waiting until I find my lost page.  I am certain that it is lodged in my ass along with my head and everything else I have lost lately...

Until then, I am posting the new calendar on  this page right here... have fun with that... right.  :)
Somebody pour me a drink, it is going to be a looooooooong night!! 

Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen


  1. Is Thursday night's painting your tush in a bikini? Looks like it might be. Or I have a dirty mind...