Monday, June 25, 2012

Crazy Week Of Painting and Classes

True to form for us at the was a CRAZY week.  We had classes, classes and more classes.  First we had a private birthday party for a 16 year old...

They had a blast.  Next it was The Thursday night Class...the American Flag....Rowdy ROWDY.... I made mention that I had read Fifty Shades Of Grey and It was on in true Soccer Mom Porn Style... TEEEHEEEE

Then On Friday we got to travel to Baltimore Bend Winery to entertain over thirty there.  We also landed two more wine labels....NOT TELLING which one yet... but definitely TWO BIG FAVORITES will be wearing my artwork from now on....oh ya, and I got the first draft approved for Kris Kringle for this year...

WHAT a Pose!!!

Then, Saturday Night was A Trip to Pirtle Winery... which means we eat at OMalleys and DRINK PLENTY of beer before hitting the winery to drink Vignoles and Swear and Laugh all night. 

Sunday was a date with my honey...GUN SHOW BABY.... Do you know that I love guns soooo much that I want to get my conceal carry so I can legally strap one to my thigh under my dress... It's that "Sexy, Could Potentially Kill A Bad Guy Feeling" 

Incidentally, there was a barrel racing competition happening at the same fairgrounds sooooooo, I got to watch some ladies fire up their ponies and run like their asses were on FIRE!!!   Makes my heart race to watch them... I wanna do it again someday when I am not so freakin busy being a full time artist. 

SOOOOO, back in the studio all week again.  Too many paitnings to fill and the clock it ticking.  My goal is to fill two walls if  not three this week....then work the ocean wall until it is time to go to Beautiful Aspen Colorado.  Wish me luck!!!!

Go create something BEAUTIFUL today!!

Love Kathleen

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