Sunday, June 17, 2012

It is SHOW TIME!!!

So I jsut got an email from the sweet and darling Annabelle from Howard Alan giving me the list of shows they want me to apply for in Florida...looks like my winter is not gonna be so cold after all...WHOOOHOOOO for BEACH EVERY MONTH OF THE WINTER!!!!

BUT.... before I get my traveling to Florida shows on, I must put my Colorado face on.  Aspen baby.  six weeks and counting.  Yesterday I FINALLY picked up my knives and blasted some yummy goodness allllllll OVER some canvas...well three anyway. 

Here is a peeky peeky at the walls I will be filling over the next few weeks.

The blank space is a 30 x 30 that has just been moved to my easle this morning...

Loooook at alllll this blank canvas...

The clock is ticking


And I still have to add canvas to the small panel

Here is the new cash wrap that Tim built for me!!

YUUUP... sold a few more...teeehee

That is all for now.. I have too many blank canvases calling to me to sit here and chitty chat.
Hope everyone is haveing a fantastic Father's Day Weekend!!
Happy Creating.

Love Kathleen

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