Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We had a Mystery Tour bus come to the gallery

We had a mystery tour bus show up at the gallery a few weeks back.  These things are CRAZY.  The people book the trip and get on a bus with a bunch of other people they dont even know AND have noooooo idea where their vacation will even take  BRave right. 

Diane Montague is a travel bus tour agent type thingy...( not her formal title I am  She put us on the schedule to help entertain the tour....I think she is pleased with the results.

The bus pulls us with a huge group of Seniors to paint with me....FROM SOUTH DAKOTA!!!  In typical Kathleen fashion, I had asked Daph at the Mercantile to send down some wine for the event... THEY LOVED IT. 

Drinkin some Vino
Starting the painting
Melinda's Grandaughter was also helping teach class!!
They loved my gallery
Too FUNNY!!!
A little more work to do
The Finished  Product!!!

These guys were so much fun.  Hope to see another group in the future.  Thanks to Melinda, her grandaughter and to Diane who helped make the day a success..and of course Willow Springs for getting us the perfect wine!!

Get away from the computer now and go do something beautiful!!
Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen

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