Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Family Time

Me, My Dad, and My Son Chase
As you know, my Dad came for a visit. He saw the gallery for the first time...saw the wine lables that I do for Baltimore Bend Winery for the first time...Saw some of the magazines I have been in, and some of the tv stuff that he didnt get to see....THEN WE HAD POOL TIME At my bestie Kiko's pool...I looooooooove the pool. It is the closest thing to the beach I have here... LOVE my pool time. My phone doesnt work is like therapy to my soul to just lay on a raft and work on nothing but my tan..or my morning   .LOVE it out there...

This is the view from Kiko's pool.  Not the ocean...but it will work for now

Every little dog hates Chase

Chase, Caitlin, Hadley and Lilly

Then we were off to Freddy's for food I am not supposed to eat.. lol

Caitlin and Lilly
My Hadley

Kevin & I at the pool

Okay, as usual I have more to tell you...but I have to go make sushi now and go back to lounging at the pool.  OHHH it's a rough life.
Love Kathleen

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