Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family Time

So my dad and his family came to visit us a few weeks back.. CRAZY because he has never had a chance to come see me since I have lived in Missouri which has been five years now.  It was good stuff all weekend.  I took my Step Mom and Little sister Lilly to the gallery to paint with me.  Also in tow was my daughter Hadley and one of my besties was a VIP event  at the gallery.  Here is a peek at what they all painted. 

My little sister Lilly
My Step Mother Kim
My bestie Jamie... who makes me run and eat nuts and berries..LOL
Look what they did for their first time painting with me!!
WHOOOT WHOOOT!!  Jamie did a fantastic job
My beautiful Little Sister Lilly
Maemus painting birdies

  There is just good MOJO when we all sit down to paint at the gallery. I love this place. It feeds my soul. Hard to say where we are going with it... but I am okay with not knowing where this journey will take me...for now.. I will share my gift with anyone who walks through my doors..:)

Will share more about this weekend later..for now it is time to put together the July schedule and newsletter and apply for shows in Florida all the way through April of next year... teeeheee... gonna spend some quality time at the beach while hell is freezing over up here..

Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

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