Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Days In A Row... Holy Crap

I feel my muse coming back... you know.. the really obnoxious one that is so funny milk flies out your nose with little to no warning... My kids are at their dads for the summer and I am on ISLAND TIME NOW BABY!!!!   WHOOOHOOOOOO!!!!   oh.. did I say that out loud?  lol

Anyway.   I still need to catch you up with the shows and all that stuff.  So here is some more pics and some funny stories.

I have the travel bug so badly now that I am applying for shows all the way through April of next year....gonna see the country one art show at a time.

So, I do this show in the Power and Light District a few weeks back right.  Kiko and I are sitting the tent when this little boy walks in..(no he is not a toddler....I am thinking 21-23 years old, but I am old enough now to think that everyone who has not seen 30 yet is a baby)

 Anyway... this boy says "  OMG I LOOOVE that geranium painting... I want that one."

I say okay, I will take it off the wall when you are ready. 

he says... OH NO,,, I dont have any money... but if I did, that is the painting I would buy. 

I giggle to myself and say okay.  He then asks me why one of the paintings has more orange in it that the other (he is talking about both geranium paintings now)  I really want to tell him it was because I ran out of orange paint and didnt want to make more... but ..teeheee... said..I dunno... guess I just wasnt feelin the orange so much on the second one.    At this point of the convo...three ladies walk into my tent as well. 

He then goes..Do you do commissions?   I say YUP YUP... He says.. I want you to paint me nude...FROM THE FRONT..SO ALL THOSE WHITE BOYS CAN SEE HOW WELL I AM HUNG... ..... REEEAAAAAAALLLLY was my next blurb...which led to the giggling... He says... I AM SERIOUS...I say I bet you are... He says... You dont understand... WHEN I GET ARRESTED...those white cops are rubbin themselves alllll OVER ME getting a good feel.  Which leads to him rubbing his own hands all over himself right there in front of God and the rest of us in my tent.  I get lost in the convo at this point because I am stuck on the WHEN part... WHEN I GET arrested... not when I GOT arrested... ......He is still talking... I am totally stuck and noticing the other laughing... he then gets mad and leaves the tent... Then one of the gals waiting says to me ...WHAT in your tent would lead him to believe you would do that sort of thing ESPECIALLY after telling you he could not afford a 95.00 painting... THE END..LOL

More palm trees!!

LOVE these two paintings.. and he was pretty easy on the eyes too.. lol

This was for their son and was also their first real art purchase..
Makes my heart happy to know that I was their first...teeehee

This set of palms went to Roswell NM

These two paintings went to India

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Rock N Roll

Loved this family!!
THIS... is how we all felt at the end of the weekend.

That is all for now.. I have several paintings to do.  Go paint something delicious and I will chat with you all tomorrow.

Happy Creating,
Love Kathleen

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