Monday, June 25, 2012

Crazy Week Of Painting and Classes

True to form for us at the was a CRAZY week.  We had classes, classes and more classes.  First we had a private birthday party for a 16 year old...

They had a blast.  Next it was The Thursday night Class...the American Flag....Rowdy ROWDY.... I made mention that I had read Fifty Shades Of Grey and It was on in true Soccer Mom Porn Style... TEEEHEEEE

Then On Friday we got to travel to Baltimore Bend Winery to entertain over thirty there.  We also landed two more wine labels....NOT TELLING which one yet... but definitely TWO BIG FAVORITES will be wearing my artwork from now on....oh ya, and I got the first draft approved for Kris Kringle for this year...

WHAT a Pose!!!

Then, Saturday Night was A Trip to Pirtle Winery... which means we eat at OMalleys and DRINK PLENTY of beer before hitting the winery to drink Vignoles and Swear and Laugh all night. 

Sunday was a date with my honey...GUN SHOW BABY.... Do you know that I love guns soooo much that I want to get my conceal carry so I can legally strap one to my thigh under my dress... It's that "Sexy, Could Potentially Kill A Bad Guy Feeling" 

Incidentally, there was a barrel racing competition happening at the same fairgrounds sooooooo, I got to watch some ladies fire up their ponies and run like their asses were on FIRE!!!   Makes my heart race to watch them... I wanna do it again someday when I am not so freakin busy being a full time artist. 

SOOOOO, back in the studio all week again.  Too many paitnings to fill and the clock it ticking.  My goal is to fill two walls if  not three this week....then work the ocean wall until it is time to go to Beautiful Aspen Colorado.  Wish me luck!!!!

Go create something BEAUTIFUL today!!

Love Kathleen

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here is what's going on in the studio today!

So here is what is going on in the Gallery today.... I am painting and everyone else is  I have tons to do and hardly leave my chair right now so the dogs and the cat have adapted to sleeping within inches of my chair...which has wheels... and eats tails and toes...but alas...they still demand to get to sleep here. 
This is under my desk and behind my chair

Sleeping puppies... sleeping kitty... all believing they have to be close enough to touch  We have around 3700 sq feet in this place, and yet we are all always crammed into a space the size of the bathroom... makes me laugh out loud when they all come get cozy.

Tuffy sleeping under my easle at my feet

Rembrant Sleeping on my computer so he can swat me with ease

Hope you are having a restful day as well!!
Happy Creating
Love Kathleen

Monday, June 18, 2012


Yup. I know... It's NOT EVEN OFFICIALLY SUMMER YET...and I am painting fall trees.....BEAUTIFUL fall trees.  Here is what I have been working on the last few days.  My pace is horribly behind, but I think I can catch up. 
This painting was a COMPLETE PAIN IN THE SAAACK!!!!  OMG...took me 7 hours to get to this  WAAAAY tooooo much time.  I kept looking and looking... thinking something is just NOT right... then I go look at the others I had painted...oh ya.. leaves too big.  So I scrape them off...POUNDS of paint.. and paint little leaves...ahhhh....hmmmm...NOPE ..still not right.  Because I made the leaves so small... I then had to go back in there and add a ton more sky to make it all even...thought I was gonna have to shoot the painting and put it out of its misery...but alas, here it is finished and ready for etsy and the show. 

Tons Of Blank Canvas To Fill Still
Love the colors!!

Today I will paint ocean waves because when I am sweating in my bedroom at 7 is way too damn hot to paint crisp fall breezes.  lol.  Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It is SHOW TIME!!!

So I jsut got an email from the sweet and darling Annabelle from Howard Alan giving me the list of shows they want me to apply for in Florida...looks like my winter is not gonna be so cold after all...WHOOOHOOOO for BEACH EVERY MONTH OF THE WINTER!!!!

BUT.... before I get my traveling to Florida shows on, I must put my Colorado face on.  Aspen baby.  six weeks and counting.  Yesterday I FINALLY picked up my knives and blasted some yummy goodness allllllll OVER some canvas...well three anyway. 

Here is a peeky peeky at the walls I will be filling over the next few weeks.

The blank space is a 30 x 30 that has just been moved to my easle this morning...

Loooook at alllll this blank canvas...

The clock is ticking


And I still have to add canvas to the small panel

Here is the new cash wrap that Tim built for me!!

YUUUP... sold a few more...teeehee

That is all for now.. I have too many blank canvases calling to me to sit here and chitty chat.
Hope everyone is haveing a fantastic Father's Day Weekend!!
Happy Creating.

Love Kathleen

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Summer is in full swing here at the Studio.  Lazy summer days on one hand...CRAZY show schedule on the other.  Just when the classes slooooww waaaaaayyyy doooowwwnn,.....I have taken to the road FINALLY to see the country and to sell my art.  Today I will try to fill at least 6 canvases with scenes of Colorado for my July trip... then I will be off to the pool...well...Kiko may make me weed a row in the community organic garden that we have going first...then I get to be a pool bum.  I can't see the ocean as much as I want to..but Kiko's pool is a great second choice for saving my sanity and keeping my homicide button at bay.   
I LOOOVE the feel of sand in my toes
This is where my soul is at peace.... my beloved Beach!!

This is my absolute favorite pic of my daughter Caitlin. 
 She too can sit for hours and just dig in the sand
I have to finish a wall of canvas today...then to the pool for some more sunshine and tan lines.  Hope you are having a fantastic Father's Day Weekend!!!

Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Family Time

Me, My Dad, and My Son Chase
As you know, my Dad came for a visit. He saw the gallery for the first time...saw the wine lables that I do for Baltimore Bend Winery for the first time...Saw some of the magazines I have been in, and some of the tv stuff that he didnt get to see....THEN WE HAD POOL TIME At my bestie Kiko's pool...I looooooooove the pool. It is the closest thing to the beach I have here... LOVE my pool time. My phone doesnt work is like therapy to my soul to just lay on a raft and work on nothing but my tan..or my morning   .LOVE it out there...

This is the view from Kiko's pool.  Not the ocean...but it will work for now

Every little dog hates Chase

Chase, Caitlin, Hadley and Lilly

Then we were off to Freddy's for food I am not supposed to eat.. lol

Caitlin and Lilly
My Hadley

Kevin & I at the pool

Okay, as usual I have more to tell you...but I have to go make sushi now and go back to lounging at the pool.  OHHH it's a rough life.
Love Kathleen

Family Time

So my dad and his family came to visit us a few weeks back.. CRAZY because he has never had a chance to come see me since I have lived in Missouri which has been five years now.  It was good stuff all weekend.  I took my Step Mom and Little sister Lilly to the gallery to paint with me.  Also in tow was my daughter Hadley and one of my besties was a VIP event  at the gallery.  Here is a peek at what they all painted. 

My little sister Lilly
My Step Mother Kim
My bestie Jamie... who makes me run and eat nuts and berries..LOL
Look what they did for their first time painting with me!!
WHOOOT WHOOOT!!  Jamie did a fantastic job
My beautiful Little Sister Lilly
Maemus painting birdies

  There is just good MOJO when we all sit down to paint at the gallery. I love this place. It feeds my soul. Hard to say where we are going with it... but I am okay with not knowing where this journey will take me...for now.. I will share my gift with anyone who walks through my doors..:)

Will share more about this weekend later..for now it is time to put together the July schedule and newsletter and apply for shows in Florida all the way through April of next year... teeeheee... gonna spend some quality time at the beach while hell is freezing over up here..

Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We had a Mystery Tour bus come to the gallery

We had a mystery tour bus show up at the gallery a few weeks back.  These things are CRAZY.  The people book the trip and get on a bus with a bunch of other people they dont even know AND have noooooo idea where their vacation will even take  BRave right. 

Diane Montague is a travel bus tour agent type thingy...( not her formal title I am  She put us on the schedule to help entertain the tour....I think she is pleased with the results.

The bus pulls us with a huge group of Seniors to paint with me....FROM SOUTH DAKOTA!!!  In typical Kathleen fashion, I had asked Daph at the Mercantile to send down some wine for the event... THEY LOVED IT. 

Drinkin some Vino
Starting the painting
Melinda's Grandaughter was also helping teach class!!
They loved my gallery
Too FUNNY!!!
A little more work to do
The Finished  Product!!!

These guys were so much fun.  Hope to see another group in the future.  Thanks to Melinda, her grandaughter and to Diane who helped make the day a success..and of course Willow Springs for getting us the perfect wine!!

Get away from the computer now and go do something beautiful!!
Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen