Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day Three

Yup DYING HERE!!!   I have to make this short and sweet because I have to be done painting by midnight tonight so that everything is dry to travel.  WOW... this is the biggest show of my career and I have nooooooo idea what I am getting myself into.  Here are the things I know to be true.

ONE:  This show is costing more than any other, but I am supposed to have at least one radio appearance...TV is still uncertain at this point.

TWO:  I have painted my ever loving, and new P90X ass OFFFF for the last several weeks. 

THREE:  and this may be the most important part of this whole blog.......... IF....and I mean IF, this show bombs, I will have to ride alllllll the way back from Colorado WITH Kevin bitching at me telling me he told me this was allllll a bad idea.... and I will have no logical place to hide his body after we get out of the mountains due the the terrain being soooooo... well... Kansas like and SHITTY.  So I won't  have ANY opportunity to kill him and put him out of MY misery AND my BESTIE... AKA.." Help Me Hide The Body" Kiko will NOT be along for this trip.

This is where I have to say that it looks like we are one box load of shit away
 from being on an episode of HOARDERS

But, my panels are now perfect and adjustable and ready to travel!

Art EVERYWHERE...it all has to have one final coat of varnish.

Even the guts of the Gallery are not safe from my ever encroaching,
spreading out MESS.

 Do you understand the agony I am already in here people?  Then to really add to my pain and suffering, my studio is a train wreck of epic...and I mean EPIC PROPORTIONS.  We have shit EVERYWHERE while we are getting ready to pack this three ring circus. 

30" x 30"
Fall Breezes

Okay, the clock is officially ticking and I have to get my booty in gear.  Wish me luck!!

Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen


  1. I recommend the Flint Hills, possibly the northern area: Konza Praire outside of Manhattan. Lots of hills, or you could go south on KS 177...lots of open land there, some hills and trees. Good place to place a body. It would be a while before anyone found him. Coyotes and buzzards might do the rest of the trick for you, scattering the bones and such...

  2. Barbara... YOU ARE CRAZY!!!! this is why I love you!!