Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dion Dior Part TWO!!

Okay, so we painted and painted,......as for my painting that day...

well....new paint...completely different style...
not to mention the Laws Of Physics showed up to smack me around....LOL.....
. and I pretty much felt like a drunk monkey on a football for the first few hours...lol

 my Daughter Caitlin however was a different story....this paint and this style provided her with such creative freedom that she was able to move from one project to the next , seeming effortlessly, with her heart leading the way. The journey she found herself on gave her some much needed confidence in her ability to create without extreme stress...and without condemning herself for what she had done...
We sat right next to each other and had no idea what we had done until the next day. Did I mention that my daughter is 11? Ya.... 11......in this adult class...and she flowed through it with such ease that I didn't hear a peep out of her, lost track of time, and everything around us, and just ran with it.

Caitlin and Megan were fast friends

Then it was time to have a meal together...WHOOHOOO!!!   The tables were gorgeous and had a paint goody bag at each place setting.  The food was to die for from Willow Springs Mercantile.  W also had some PRIZE DRAWINGS that took place and here are a few of the very happy winners!!!

More great great gifts, then lunch ....then right back at it to finish up projects..

Show and Tell!!!  Shimmer Style!!!
It was such a beautiful experience that I can not wait to join her again in the next workshop.  .......WHAT....WHO said that.... did I say NEXT.....OH YES I SURE DID... except the next one will be better... TWO DAYS!!! regular sitting chairs for everyone... overnight stay included in your class tuition if you need it... freedom to check out the shops downtown and to eat at the restaurants down here... shuttle service if you need it from the airport and LOTS MORE!!!  Stay tuned because we have some things up our sleeves....
Okay, I seriously have GOT to get off of this damn computer and go paint something!!!
Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

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  1. Kathleen, it was such a joy and an honor being a part of The Gallery Off Broadway for this workshop. I was humbled by the courage and creativity of everyone there. Thank you for hosting this, and I am so excited to return. Hugs xx