Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dion Dior was in the House!!!! PART ONE!!!

Okay, so here is the thing... I am once again BEhind on this bloggy thingy,  WHO can honestly say they are surprised by this....ummm no one who reads this blog.  I am gonna start from today and work my way backwards to fill you in on the yummy things that have been going on here at the gallery.

We have started sticking our toes in the  "Day Long Workshop" arena....super exciting.  We want to have full blown retreats up here within the next year or two... so one by one, we are filling our schedule with different instructors who offer different ways to feed our artistic souls.  Speaking of feeding my artistic soul.....

We Hosted a Doin Dior Workshop up here this weekend and it proved to be a five course meal to my art
artistic soul... YUMMMMY YUMMMMY YUMMMY 

The event was several days in the making and was filled with  behind the scenes CHAOS!!!  But MAN did it pay off big time.... the gallery was gorgeous...enchanted almost..... with glitter in all forms covering EVERYTHING......AND.....it turned out to be  the biggest workshop we have EVER HAD!!  Thirty Artists from FIVE DIFFERENT STATES came to play.........HERE.....at The Gallery Off Broadway.....in Excelsior Springs MO....TEEEHEEE.... it was pure BLISS!!!!!!!!!  
Glitter on the Tables.....

 Glitter on the Floor.....

Glitter on the Paintbrush....Glitter GA LORE!!

We even added her work to the name badges!!
This is only PART of the supplies that this woman packed into this place for us to get to use and experiment with... It was so much fun to just walk up to a table and pick something new to play with...teeehee...like being turned loose in your favorite art supply store on a sugar high and endless supply of cash.
Dion's work brightened our windows and our walls.

So everyone came in got to know each other and then it was time to PAINT!!  and ohhh did we paint!!

There are sooo many possibilities and color combos to use

And everyone got to use their creative abilities to search for some common ground with the new paint
I would say that Marcia FOUND common ground with the paint and the process


 Okay, that is alllll the photos I can load on this one...LOL.. soooo I will have to do this blog in two parts.
Be right back for part two...

Happy Creating!!!

Love Kathleen



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  2. (sorry didn't mean to remove comment) i just want to say i wish i was there.... it looks like heaven on earth... love love love it..