Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WHEW... It has been CRAZY around HERE!!!

Before I get started, check out the calendar tab and the workshop tabs... we are posting new events all the time there... GO... NOW... LOOK AT IT... you don't want to miss what we have going on in here because you will feel silly later when we are making fun of you and stuff like that.

Well, CLEARLY I am not cut out to be a  daily blogger.  So i have decided to own that... I am gonna paint nearly everyday.. but there is no way in hell that I am ever gonna be the artist that sits down and tells you everything on this bloggy blog every day of my life.  It is not gonna happen.  Not that I dont love all of you in bloggy blog land of rainbow farting unicorns, I just can not make myself do it.  There, I admitted it.  whew.. I feel better now.  lol

Now on to other things...SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS... OMG I LOVE doing shows.  I love the chaos that gets all tangled around it, I love the travel and I love meeting the people who collect my art.  It makes my soul sooooo happy. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Westport was AAAAAA MAZING!!!  I will keep that show on my calendar til I no longer live here.  Being around the patrons who have done the show for 25 years was a blessing beyond measure...the wisdom and the stories from breakfast alone was worth the trip down there and the booth fee.  It was also the most artist friendly show I have done.  We set up in the pouring rain, Melinda and I... and it was CRAZY.  we had only a corner of a tent...that I normally have the entire tent to myself..I shared a tent with 3 other artists...so a corner...smaller than a tiny bathroom.  There we were, like drown rats putting the tarp up and stuffing that tiny space with all my gear and ourselves and trying to stage it, without getting the boxes wet and the art wet, and our arses wet... but it was so much fun.  I truly believe that Melinda and I can work together under any circumstances now.

So Friday night of the show was the typical.  No sales, just  lookie loooos..folks out for the evening at Westport that just happened to have an art show going on in the middle of their eating and drinking.  Saturday, however, was a different story.  We got hammered.  I was all stressed out that I didn't have enough room for all of my art and as it turns out, it is much better to have less and then restock if needed.  I will stop filling my booth to the gills from now on and only have a limited amount to look at.

So two thumbs up for the Westport Art Show.  Moving on now
Cancer Kickers Fundraiser is October 5th,,, you don't want to miss that. 
Barbara Akers us having a wood burning workshop Oct 13th... YOU REALLY don't want to miss THAT!!!
Liberty Fall Festival is this weekend,. I will be there with bells on. Booth number 13 I think.
www.galleryoffbroadway.com will officially be open in 48 hours or less.  I think you will be surprised.
One more little thingy.... what was it... hmmmm... oh ya
CABO SAN LUCAS BABY!!!  I AM GOING TO CABO SAN LUCAS!!! OCTOBER 20... can you freakin believe it is time to go?!?!?!   I am so excited I can hardly stand myself... anyway.. I have to go paint.  You should get off the satan box (AKA computer)and go do something creative as well...
Love Kathleen

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