Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yes, it is finally DONE...well the part I wanted done anyway... What could I POSSIBLY be talking about?  What have I complained about for the last year and  a HALF?  (besides my growing ass)  THE WEBSITE THE WEBSITE THE WEBSITE!!!!!  WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
Gallery Off Broadway

CHECK IT OUT PEEPS!!!   The calendar will be modified a bit more so that you can see the pics right when it opens, but MA O MAN... I am so stinkin excited that it is FINALLY HERE!!

YOU CAN NOW REGISTER AND PAY ON LINE!!!  You can also buy art online.  You can create your own account, and put the class in the shopping cart and pay right there!!!!

Show us some love and go sign up for a class this month....HURRRRRY... DO IT NOW.... I want to see the email comfirmations coming through...TEEEHEEE!!!

YOU ARE A CREATIVE GENIUS!!!!!  Everyone say thank you to Rae for putting this whole thingy together..and for understanding that I am a computer moron and had NO IDEA what she was talking about the entire time, but LOOK AT IT!!!  JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

Okay,  I have to go work out and then go to the studio and finish three paintings before I can sleep tonight..  I have more news that will be confirmed today that we will certainly blog about.

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  1. Yo, girl, about time! lol

    Say, I thought I was teaching till 5 pm. Don't see how anyone can finish 3 pieces in 5 hours of woodburning...Is that a typo? And maybe it's all a moot point. I've facebooked 3 sites I'm friended to or own and nada heard back. Any takers?