Wednesday, October 17, 2012


IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!    Kelly Jones From the Better Kansas City Morning Show and her crew paid us a visit yesterday afternoon to see what all the buzz was about for herself.... Two words.... CRA     ZYYYYYY.....
Kelly Jones was ROCKIN a Red Calvin Klein Dress

So they got there early and we were ACTUALLY almost ready....The class flowed like the wine.... It was unscripted, and elt like home.  Each gal settled right in to the fast pace of the class and we sat Kelly right up at the front so I could drill instruct her...LOL... She laughed and laughed her way right  through  and ended up painting a really nice one at the end of the class.....

Kelly's First Painting EVER!!!

The show will air on Channel 5 on Friday Oct 19th and begins at 9:00AM.  I will also be in the studio on Kelly's turf again doing some live footage. 
Then after we survived the taping, we went to El Mags for a round of Margaritas!!!   Then we had to go get our toes done and then had to go back for another round of Margaritas at El Mags.... imagine the looks on their faces when they saw us again just two hours later.... needless to say Kiko had to drive me home...LOL.  Jamie my Nazi workout instructor and nutrtionist is worried that we will repeat the above described day ten days in a row in CABO!!!   I lied and told her we wouldn't...LMAO!!!   OF COURSE WE ARE!!!

I have paintings to finish up, and things to do around here.  Hope to post some new art tonight or tomorrow night.  Til then.........
Love Kathleen


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! Do you have the link for signing up and paying for the Dian Dior up yet--I checked the other day and didn't see it. Thanks

  2. Janet,

    It is there. Go to
    Find November calendar... and click sign up... and pay right there!!! whooohooooo!! Looking so forward to meeting you!!!