Friday, April 20, 2012

NEW ART NEW ART... oh how I loves me some NEW ART.  It make my soul dance around like a six year old with a box of Twinkies!!!   I did this one yesterday while working on commission pieces as well.  I have a Howard Allen event in May and have put myself on a strict schedule to complete as many as 72 new pieces between now and then... CRAZY RIGHT!!
Can't you just feel the rush of the energy from this point of view?
This canvas is 30" x 30" and is $325.00.  OHHHHHH, you know you want it!!

Off to paint some more... orders to finish...and  there is a dent to be made in my goal of 72 paintings in one month.  Don't forget to do something AMAZING today.  Happy creating!!

Love Kathleen


  1. Love this piece Kathleen! May I ask, are you doing the KCPL art show? And where did you find the photo of that room?

  2. Yes, I am doing the KCPL art show, SUPER EXCITED about that. I grab photos on line for rooms. Google home interior design images and it will pop up a ton of them that you can put your art on. Took me three months to figure that out... hope this helps you lovie.

  3. Thanks Kathleen, I will look for you on Friday evening at the art show, I think its the 18th, 19th and 20th.

    Anyways, I actually have spent a LOT of time googling interior design images and could never find one as good as the one above. Would you post the link to it or be willing to share your image file? Thanks!!!

  4. Karen,

    I did some photo editing magic to get this one like this... if you dont have my program, it wont work for you.