Thursday, May 3, 2012


Got the calendar done.....check
this will appear larger on the classes page of the bloggy blog

Got a truck load of supplies....(which is seriousl almost better than shoes showing up.... I said almost)
Getting my commission paintings done...check check

Getting some new art done .....CHEEECK... OMG I AM SOOOO BUSY!!!!  Seriously ya'll I have had to write EVERYTHING down on one of those HUGE desk top calendars just to make sure I dont forget something.  I carry it around with me everywhere... it is soo big that it is honestly hard to loose..LMAO

Here is a rundown of this month so far.... I am judging the art show at The Mushroom Festival in Richmond Mo this weekend... I am also the guest artist there. COME SEEE ME THERE!!! SUPER EXCITED about this...except for the damn diet I am on which will provent me from eating an entire funnel cake behind my kids back this year...bummer..... ahhhh but I have lost 17 POUNDS in 25 days... so who is complaining really.

Then two more weeks of crazy painting to get ready for the Howard Alan Event at Power and Light in Kansas City the third weekend of May.  Then more painting and more painting and more painting...

Did I mention that the lovely Kelly Berkey is IN THE HOUSSSE!!!  actually Bought a house eight minutes from me..(of course I timed it..escape routes are very important ya know)  so she could be here foreveaaaaa with us.   LOVE LOVE LOVE that crazy woman... my only regret is not getting to see the look on her old bosses face when she found out... PRICELESS I am sure.. teehee. 

Oh ya..if you are gonna want summer camp for your kiddos this year at the gallery.. the dates are July 16-20th... and you better give a shout asap because space is limited and it is filling up FAST.
A shot of fish prints from last year!!

OHHH what smelly FUN!!!!

Hope your  Day is as colorful as a unicorn farting rainbows!!! 
Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen


  1. I Always Find Happiness & Laughter Here At Your Place Sweet Lady! And Your Final Hope For The Day Of "Unicorn Farting Rainbows!" Good One! And Can I Just Say: It's Just Music To The Ears that Kelly Is Now Nearer To You! Sending Much Love & Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  2. hello! well now, what an introduction! i am here, i am here, i am here! i love this town, love all the art, love you!
    cannot wait to see you at the mushroom festival...would have been nice to post the hrs you will be there, hint-hint!

    i live in excelsior springs and am a full-time artist. i feel as if i have arrived! peace has settled in my friend.

    xo, kelly