Monday, March 19, 2012

A Weeks Worth Of Chaos!!! has been a crazy week around here ya'll!  We had Young Picasso's on Monday night, Open Studio on Tuesday night, Thursday morning was a field trip of 40 fifth graders...(say that 5 times fast) Thursday night was a palette knife class, Friday night was a landscape class, and Saturday night was a pop art your pet private party.  

Monday Night Young Picasso Class

Thursday Morning 5th grade Field Trip

Thursday night class
Friday night class
Pop Art Your Pet Class..was Saturday.

Then there was the 15 plus miles that I did and oh ya.... a trip to the zoo with the babies to find my Zen.
Looks like he was finding his Zen as

So what does this week look like? Well... I have four 4'x2' canvases burning gas...

and then I will paint at lest 20 new paintings for classes over the next few months.....then enter 5 more art shows...then getting ready for the fundraiser on the 30th...PLUS my normal classes that are always going.  I am LOVING life. 

Here is to hoping that you have a NOTHING YOU CAN"T DO KIND OF WEEK!!!

Love Kathleen

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