Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are you bored?

I just had someone tell me they were bored......Really?...bored....I seriously can't remeber the last time I was bored.  Exhausted, strung, crazed, shocked, excited, hyper, .....these are all things that I get....never bored.  How does one get bored? LOL 

Here are some new shots of the gallery...The art is flying off the wall. Sending three more paintings to California today. WHOOOHOOO. Then I have to pay some bills, start a new series of paintings, get flyers done, paint some more, workout with Jamie ( ya cause she is a slave driver who is making me buy a scale today) paint some more, cook dinner for my kiddos, paint some more and oh ya, we have open studio tonight, so ya, more painting.


Big Plans for this painting!!

My Spring flower collection.

Even HOT PINK is a great color for my artwork.


My vintage finds!!

The Corkscrews Studio

  Here to to hoping you never hear yourself say that you are BORED!!!!


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