Friday, March 2, 2012

Are You Living YOUR Dream?

Well.......ARE...You?  Seriously,..... why is it that the one thing we want more than anything and the one thing we believe will bring us complete happiness is ALWAYS the ONE THING that scares us beyond our will to make it happen?  I am ready to hit the art circuit.  I am ready to be a bit more than a teacher and gallery owner.  I am ready to have to world see what I create with my brushes and my palette knives.  I have hired a photographer to get my work in a professional format, and next week I will force myself to HIT SEND and wooosh my heart and soul through cyber space into the hands of judges who don't know me from Adam.  I have faced WAAAAY scarier things than this simple task...CHILDBIRTH for one....yet I dont remember there being a time when being accepted was so important. 

Ahhhh, that is it.  LOL.  I am removing myself from my "DON"T GIVE A RIP WHAT ANYONE (except Mr.Larry) thinks of me....into the zone of a panel of judges deciding if the next leg of my journey is with them or not.....

Soooo, do I stay in the same bowl ...or take a change?
 I am gonna jump...teehee......and I will keep you posted all along the way.  :)

I finally got the calendar done for March... WHOOOOHOOOOO!!! You can view it larger on the Weekly Classes Tab right here on the blog from now on.  No more website chaos. 

   I have been working on an ocean wave painting for a lovely woman in Florida. The weather made the drying time beyond SLOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW......However, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! This one is painful to let go of. :) Here is the final pic of it.
This painting is a custom order from 
I am going to paint an entire series of ocean waves.  Stay tuned for that!!!
This one is 4' x 2' and is full of texture. 
I hope you can hear the ocean and the wind just looking at it.


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