Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Baby Made It To California!!!

So, very seldom do I ship out a painting and get to see it hanging in someones home...but today I got the best email EVAAAAAA!!!  

3 hours ago


The painting arrived and it's GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT. I JUST received it and immediately unpacked it and hang it. It's so beautiful...it glows.

I love the little bits of turquoise in there too. So precious.

I wanted to also buy the "middle" painting that goes with this one (with a little gold in it) but I feared on this wall, they'd be too big to stack one above the other.

But if I only can have one, I'm so happy that I chose this and I really love it.
I'll definitely place another order with you....I'm thinking the hydrangea....not sure yet.

Thank you again. I am beyond happy with my very first Etsy purchase (and this is my first fine art purchase as well!).


PS. Here's your creation on my wall.
Here it is on her wall in California!!
I love the way this is working out.  I am off to paint more now....

Love Kathleen


  1. It's nice to get someone who appreciates your work and wants to buy more!

  2. And now THREE MORE PIECES are on their way to me!!! I CANNOT WAIT!
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful artwork......the trio are going over the couch and the long hydrangea will go where I originally placed the silver one. Of course, I'll send you photos.
    I'm so excited!!

  3. I am soooo excited that you are loving the artwork Amika!!! Can NOT wait to hear what you have to say about the latest shipment of babies to you!!!