Friday, March 16, 2012

Horse Play!!

SOOO.... today  finally arrived...the day Caitlin has been waiting for since Christmas Day...Seriously LONG TIME to a ten year old.  Today we had our first horseback riding lesson together... WHOOHOOOOO!!!!

I secretly wished my horse would look like this.

Lili and Broncho Bay doing
some ground work.

My Sunshine

On a horse for the first time EVER!!

I had the best time ever taking this lesson with my daughter.  It was great mother daughter time....which is sometimes hard to come by.  On a funny horse bit my foot and tried to pull it through the stirrup....then spooked 5 seconds into the ride...then shook his entire body as if to say he was done with me.  Caitlin thought all of this was super funny...and I LOVED every bit of it.  I CAN NOT wait to get to run him....maybe in a few weeks.  There is nothing like the feeling of being on a horse and having to tame your fears so you can enjoy something truly magical!!!  Might just have to paint me some horses!!

Here is to hoping your arsss is not a sore as mine is right now.

Love Kathleen

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