Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Days To Paint... UGGG!!

Okay, so I have  two days left to paint.... ONLY TWO... No big deal right... WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO BIG DEAL .....this is what the two crazies in my head have been discussing all morning..teeehee.  I had to go to Oklahoma to get my kids yesterday so there was nooooo painting.  I painted until midnight the night prior and got three done I think.. which is two LESS than I needed... and I have to finish at least eleven by midnight tomorrow night...( My insides are in the fetal position rocking myself at this very moment...LOL) 

"Aspen Grove A Glow"
24" x 48"

Soooo, I am now off to paint another 4'x 2'
 painting and hopefully four small ones as well.
CHAOS is the theme of the gallery today..teehee..

Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

Here is the big one I finished at midnight.

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