Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Frisco, How much I love Thee.

Yes, it is true... I am officially a hooker.  I have had this on going love affair with my beloved beach for the last 20 years and have never cheated...until I saw the SIZE of the Rockie Mountains...seriously....what girl could say no to that.  Quite impressive really, and size Does matter.

So now I am torn between the two to the point that I thought about starting a support group for this exact situation, and then I learned that most of the folks visiting the Mountains shared my same affliction and inability to choose and have simply adapted this philosophy...mountains in the summer when it is cool and beautiful there..stick around juuuuuuuut long enough to see the leaves change... and then GET THE HELL OUT AND GO BACK TO THE BEACH BABY!!!!   OHHH how I long to go back for the entire summer next year and just stay and explore and breathe it all in....

So Daddy decided that the first full day in Frisco was dedicated to all things high altitude and mountainish.  We woke up bright and early and headed to Shrine Pass which has a mountain trail on it that reaches the summit at 12 thousand and some odd feet to the top and he figured...WHAT THE HELL...lets go climb it... so we did. 

 She made it to the top...she was just coming over the ridge here
Caitlin sitting on the top of the world!!

Chase was like a mountain goat... just ran up the rocks like he had sticky fingers that never lost grip..OMG he was crazy.   I tried to load the video of him running down the mountain  with his shirt off but it froze up...so no go on that one I guess. 

THEN we drove to Evan's Pass....HIGHEST PAVED ROAD IN THE US...we get up to where the road ends and you have to climb the rest of the way...Caitlin says there is NO way she is climbing ANYTHING ELSE...so Chase and Kev scale the last 200 ft to reach the 14 THOUSAND something something foot peak...Chase scales it like he is again...part mountain goat... and gets to the top of the world one more time in less than three hours...Takes this pic
Then gets dizzy.. runs down to the road and STARTS PUKING!!!  YUP Altitude sickness,...uggg... and it was 14 miles of hairpin curves to the bottom of the mountain...poor kid got to puke on the mountain in three or four different locations...teeehee... but hey I did get to see the sheep and the goats up close and personal due to that event...

ANYWAY...back to the show....Most of you know that this in my first year doing pro shows.... and with that comes weather...well Frisco brought my first taste of weather... DOWN POURING RAIN, lightening and rain to be frank... wave after wave after precious wave of what appeared to be nectar from God after the drought we have been experiencing here in Missouri... So the first day was a bust to say the least....

So we had to set up the day of.......at 5 am....before the sun was even awake for this show..

Then is was SHOW TIME!!!

I will add more to this later... have to go paint right now lovies!!  I have three show in September, plus a fuuuulll class schedule, and a few other things to catch up on!!! 

Happy Creating!!

Love Kathleen

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