Saturday, August 4, 2012

Frisco ...Here We come

Okay, I only got one done yesterday... but it is a good one.   I took so many pics when we were in Aspen Last week.  I have started going back through them and editing and cropping to try to make the perfect scene.  Yes we saw flowers just like this, yes the aspens are bright green... almost fluorescent lime green in places... You hike up over one ridge to find another one full of flowers.. AMAZING does not even come close to letting you know how beautiful it is there.  I have to paint five more today to make up for what I did not do yesterday.

Then tomorrow we are off to Oklahoma to pick up my babies... they are sad to leave Texas but are looking forward to the last trip of the summer being to Colorado...yup.. I am taking the babies to The Mountains with me.  Not telling Caitlin about the bears, the mountain lions, and the scenic drives with no guard rails.... she doesn't need to worry until she is already there right... teeehee.  . 

Peace In The Aspen Valley
18" x 24"

                                        Time to print off some of the pics that we took while in Aspen and get the paint flowing again today... I seriously LOVE what I am painting right now.  It really is the Best Of Both Worlds Tour for me in 2013.... the Mountains and The Beaches... CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

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