Friday, August 3, 2012

Day... Um..

Ya, I already DON'T know what day I am on....but that is because I have been traveling and taking hundreds of photos and painting my arse off and have to stay on pace til next Tuesday if I am to finish my display...WHOOHOOO!!!

Next Thursday... we are Rocky Mountain Bound again baby... this time with my kiddos in tow.  Our last summer show...booooo.... I wish I had been braver this year and booked many more.  Next year though, I will do the whole mountain  circuit in the summer fall and the beach circuit in the winter spring.  It will be my Best Of Both Worlds Tour...2013... TEEEHEEE. 

Here is a peek at how we are setting up the tent this go around and how many blank canvases I have to fill in less than one week... UGGGG.

YA, TONS of blank canvas that has to be filled

We decided to float a panel inthe middle and open one up in the back. 
That means a better looking display, but WAY more art to complete than
I had planned on... CHOP CHOP!!

AHHHH... Aspen.  I love this painting and glad it has a new home.

TEEEHEEE.... SOLD in Aspen!!!

The lighting was off when I took this pic.. but I did five yesterday...
This is part of my "Always Looking Up" Series
12 x 12

"Autumns Quiet Callings"
12 x 12

"Always Looking Up V"
12" x 12 "

Summers In Aspen
12" x 12"

"Autumn Shimmers"
12 " x 24"
Okay lovies... I have to turn around and face the canvases on the easels now.  Hope you staying cool and having the best summer ever like I am.  Now walk away from the computer and let something inspire you that is not the TV or junk food... Go take it all in!!

Happy Creating!!
Love Kathleen

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