Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three Papers In Two Weeks In Colorado!!!

Ahhhh, yes.  I am attempting to  catch you up on the comings and going of the Frisco show.  As you may know I did Aspen two weeks prior and they put me in the paper....Well Low and behold... I woke up Friday...Show started on Saturday...and saw THIS in the Summit Daily....WHOOOHOOO!!!!   TWO PAPERS in TWO WEEKS in  COLORADO!!!!!

Then we spent the ENTIRE rest of the day exploring the countryside and running up mountains and puking from altitude sickness....... oh......., and trying to dislodging the van seat from MY ASS after the 14 mile, 14 thousand feet, one right after another  hairpin curves , no guardrail with 4000ft drop offs and the lane we were in crumbling and rolling down the cliff as we drove over it , oncoming traffic, and GOATS drive up and then down MT. EVANS.

So Saturday morning, I get up at 4 am to get semi ready and head over to set up... Kev in tow.  What an amazing sight to see the sun coming up over the mountains...pure bliss...and by this point I am confident it will prove to be a fantastic show day.

 The weather was beautiful, set up was a breeze and we had a packed house in the morning just as we had expected.   Sold a few things,

 and then everyone went to eat lunch which means they will think about what they saw while eating and  then come back around and make the purchase!!  I was all geared up and ready.. pens..check...invoices..Check....plenty of art...CHECK CHECK....BRING IT BABY BECAUSE I WAS READY.  

What happened next... well... was something I had not seen in months.  I heard a rumble, and stepped out of the tent to see what the noise was. BLACK CLOUDS....did I mention I am standing in a FREAKIN TENT with zippy down tarp  sides and only 200 lbs of sand to hold it all down?   ... NOW, I haven't seen rain in well....FOREVER... so I was not even sure it was rain or the zombie apocalypse...either way it threatened to disrupt my good mood  feeling about future afternoon art sales. 

RAINBOW AGAIN!!!!  Over the ENTIRE mountain!!

Then came the lightening, and the pouring down rain... The funny thing is that it worked out to my advantage, because when the people started running for cover, they were tent hopping. ....and each time they used our tent as a place to keep dry Kev would try to make them pay rent by buying a painting...LOL... it was so much fun!!  So the entire afternoon was shot sales wise, but playing in the rain is sometimes a "PERK" of an outside show. 
3 Panel Aspens A Glow
24" x 36"

Then one of the gals in my tent says HEY, you were in todays paper....I thought she was talking about the Friday paper I had already seen.  She then whips out the Saturday Edition "magazine" and sure enough... THERE MY ART WAS AGAIN!!  THREE PAPERS IN TWO WEEKS IN COLORADO!!!!WHOOOHOOOOOO!!!!    

My opinion of the show... again technically, it all went off without a hitch.  Howard Alan Events proved to be worthy once again.  We can not blame slow sales on them and who knows how well we would have done had we not had a monsoon at the peak part of the day Saturday... JUST SAYIN!!

I now have Four shows in my sights.... three in September..all at home... should be crazy.  Westport, Zona Rosa , and Liberty Fall Festival... and October is the one I have been waiting for allllllllllll year.. CABO SAN LUCAS BABY!!!!   I almost hyperventilate when I say it out loud OMG OMG  OMG it is almost time to pack for that one!!!!  
Do It Til You Are Black & Blue
40"x 40"

Anyway,,, I have to paint so I am outta here for now.

Happy creating!!
Love Kathleen

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