Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Show time....

Oh how I love to go to art shows.  This year I have applied to so many I have lost count.... Why so many you ask?  BECAUSE GETTING JURIED IS LIKE TRYING TO WIN MISS USA WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT SIZE BUTT YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN,,
                        ,,,(  hmmm settles back down and smooths hair after yelling)

Seriously people, the whole jury process is nearly impossible so you have to put in for several shows per weekend and hope that when they start throwing darts, your balloon gets popped. 

So after a long period of NOT INVITED notices, ( ...five in a row...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE...LOL) ........ I got two invites in a row...for the same weekend... ONE AT THE BEACH...the other still in Texas.  Was one of the worst decisions I have had to make..LOL. On one hand, there is my beloved beach in Corpus Christi.. on the other hand is allllll the high end galleries in Salado, one of which I have been in before.   So in three weeks we are off to Salado Texas for the first show on my season.
 I really feel like my art has evolved from last year.

Yesterday was spent putting panels up to see what parts we needed and hanging canvas to see what I have left to paint for the event.  It is not so bad really.  I am farther ahead than I usually am...LOL...

So I have several blank canvases to cover for this show but not as many as I usually do.  The advise I got last year that stuck with me was "go big or go home" HOPEFULLY it works..LOL. 
I have canvas to fill!!!!  Off to the studio to maybe pull and all nighter. 
Happy Creating!!!
Love Kathleen

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  1. Those flowers...wow! Especially the bottom one...the background color is non-traditional. I want to painttttt...but have no time till this class is done in 11 weeks.